Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sites that we made the most money in 2014-2015

The year just ended brought me some money from internet activity, money that allowed me to change my car tires (all four), and do some repairs that were waiting for a while and let me exchange and phone. There's a lot (I could not live only in money, remains the basic salary), but it helps me to do something sometime!

We will present further sites that gave me the most money in 2015, in descending order (ie most profitable you will find at the bottom, at positions 3, 2 and 1):

1. Purebits has been online and paying since 2003. Is a new pay per download site that pays legitimately continue with ease. Equipment start making their users to proceed smoothly. You will be given tools to help you gain required downloads. They are also a legitimate PPD with 24/7 support member. $ 20 is the lowest minimum withdrawal and Transfer Paypal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Bank are withdrawal methods.

2. Social Link Mart
I have not yet shown on the blog, but it will come soon turn. In short, social link works on the same principle mart's like money, only has Dniester stricter rules, but some rewards as (for some facebook accounts that have a high rating, which can reach up to $ 100 / like). Worth a try! It paid only once, at the end, receiving paypal account everything you gathered during that month. Use your Facebook account best (real name, picture, likes what you post, comments, etc.).

3. Dungeons&Treasures
About Dungeons & Treasures we talked. It is a browser game (ie no need to install anything on your computer), in which you can win Gold (Coins), which at the end of each month automatically turns DT $ (currency of the game). $ DT These can be used either to other casino type games (wheel of fortune, scratch ticket) or to make good the euro to immediately withdraw his paypal account. Payment is due the next day you make your transfer request!

4. Gimmehits
Gimmehits is one of many sites based platform PES Pro (Powerful Exchange System). About Gimmehits can say with certainty that, besides the fact that pays enough microjoburi that has to do as much money.

5. Virtconomics
Virtconomics is the second browser-based game that brought me money in 2013. With only 20-25 minutes a day given to this game, you can make 5 to 10 euros per month, and if they invest some money and at first, you can increase proportional these gains.

6. Dollarsincome
I consider as one of the best sites PTC (Paid To Click). Since I made my account I gathered over $ 200. It is only 3 position because of the way to withdraw money: You can withdraw only once a certain number of days (depending on your rank: Newbie - once every 60 days, Amateur - once every 20 days, Manager - once 10 days Expert - once every seven days, and Master Moderator - once every 3 days) a maximum amount (same, different depending on rank, find explanations to the FAQ).

7. Socialbirth
I think that is a testament to the ability socialbirth Romans do business on the net. In a relatively short period, socialbirth, which uses the same system PES Pro (Gimmehits as described above), managed to gather nearly 40,000 users (compared to gimmehits which has only 1,500 users). That speaks for itself about the fact that administrators are serious people. And Paying on time

8. Fanslave
First place is occupied by Fanslave: a site of social exchange, administered by the Germans and who pay in euro. I chose the place because we managed, lately, to make one withdrawal each month. The ways of winning are varied and offer daily to collect some coins, which then turn them into real money.


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