Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greyhat CPA PPD method to make money

Hello, here is a method you can use to earn some money. This is quite well known by many people but here you go for those who do not know about it.

Earn Using Android Market | GOOGLE Play

Basic Info About Method:

In this method, we will be promoting Downloads of PAID Android Apps. Before you say "Wat? This is BlackHat!" let me make it clear that even though it sounds to be BlackHat we will convert it to Whitehat which I will explain later. There is no promotion of hack/paid version for free in this method; Only Downloads of PAID Apps! You can do SEO or use Youtube/Facebook/Twitter To Drive Traffic and you may promote Niche By Niche or may set up something like a Multi-Niche site if you want. Whatever you do its your wish!

How It Works:

This is the part where we convert BlackHat into WhiteHat. So basically you will provide your visitors with the Paid App. You wont be spending money; Dont be afraid! Here is the method to get the Paid App For Free

1) Navigate To https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/GAME/collection/topselling_new_paid?hl=en
You Will Find List Of New Paid Apps. Pick One Where You Can Promote.

2) For This Tutorial, Lets Choose GTA San Andreas Android. Now Go To GOOGLE And Search "GTA San Andreas Android APK" Here Is Search Result

3) Download the APK File. The File Extention is .apk! Most Paid Apps Have APK's Free Online But For Very Uncommon Apps, There Wont Be APK's!

The Method:

Once you have downloaded the .apk file you have 2 options; Use RAR password method | Directly upload to PPD/CPA network file locker ( you can REGISTER HERE ). Alternatively you may use a link locker as well and lock the website where you downloaded the APK. But it is not recommended since to make it 100% whitehat you must include an instructions text file. Otherwise, people may unknowingly think you fooled them since many people dont know APK!

Now create a text file called Instructions and include the instructions which i provide here. This is the same for all APK files and for all android devices. So you can use the same instructions again and again.

- Connect Android Device Via USB
- Copy The File Titled "Your APK File Name" And Paste It In Your Android Device's SD Card Root Folder.
- Unplug Device
- On Your Device Navigate To SD Card Root Folder
- Open "Your APK File Name" And Click Install
- Wait Until GTA San Andreas Android Is Installed
- After Installing, An Icon Will Appear In Apps Section Which Can Be Used To Launch Game

Now zip up the apk file and the instructions text file using winrar or winzip. Upload it to ppd/cpa network or you may use rar password method as your wish. Also create a simple but good looking blogger landing page which has a download button, linking to file locker/link locker!

How To Create Video?

So you will be thinking how to create a video about you playing the game/using the paid app right? Do not worry because when there is a problem, there is a solution. This trick does not need any android device. All you need is a good screen recorder.

1) Go To http://www.bluestacks.com/bstk-download-success-2.htm and download latest version of BlueStacks App Player For Windows!

2) Install The Software

3) Now Double Click On The APK File You Downloaded Below

4) Install The Paid App Into Bluestacks

5) Use BlueStacks To Play The Game/Run The App

6) Use Screen Recorder To Record Screen And Use Your Voice

Now if you have an android device, BEST! You can follow the instructions I mentioned above to install the app and then use a Video Camera (Improves CR) to record you using the app. Make sure the video shows a bit of you as well (Not Only Screen | To Improve CR) That will be good and then do not forget to watermark the video with your Landing Page Link.

Once you get used to this method and if you are good in SEO, setting up a multi-niche site is the best option. You can use Blogger and since you are actually doing WhiteHat Stuff, Blogger will not remove your blog. Rank your site and make lots of money!

IMPORTANT: Never Mention The Word "APK" In Video/Landing Page. You may mention it in Instructions. If you do visitors may Google it and find sites to get it without having to do Survey. Always say Free Download only.

I have tested this method on this CPA/PPD Network and you can REGISTER HERE.For each members that register under my refferal link i will give them more methods about how to make money with CPA PPD Affiliate Networks.

I do hope you liked my method and i hope you make a lot of money with this WhiteHat method.


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