Saturday, February 28, 2015

Facebook - a fun way to make money

If you still spend much time on this social network, viewing pictures and giving likes, what would you say if you could make money from it? It comes as a novelty, but yes, it's possible. Instead likes you free, you could do it in exchange for gains. Are you sure you would like to try and take advantage of such an opportunity!

How does it work?

There are two sites that ask you to provide this possibility, namely FanSlave and FanDealer. You only need a Facebook account, real and active, meaning at least five friends to have a profile picture and status updates something. After creating your account and password to access the site, go to the main menu and then select "Your account - Facebook overview '. Click 'Connect' to enable your Facebook account to connect with the application you're going to check sites like, in order to give you money. A new window will open to allow access and you have to click 'Allow'. Some pages will show you, and they are who have to give them the 'Like'. In each right will be displayed and the amount you'll get to like the question. Check each page and give 'Like' and everyone. To check if your money is transferred into your account, go back to your web page or FanDealer FanSlave and click 'Update'. More broadly explained I saw an article on this site about money.

How do I get the money?

Perhaps the most important aspect of this 'business' is how you'll get your money. It's very easy. You need a PayPal account or Payza to be able to withdraw your funds. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 15 euros and 30 euros FanSlave if FanDealer.


To generate higher profits, try to check every day offers appear to take advantage of them. Be present online for substantial gains.

Do not try to cheat or call at different tricks to ensure your higher income. If after you withdraw funds in question and then give 'Unlike' ads, you will probably be discovered and punished. So play fair! Also, you are not permitted to have multiple accounts.


In the same way explained in detail above, you can make money through Twitter. The same steps apply for this social network, being necessary to give 'Follow' to certain pages.

Another way to earn extra is're using YouTube, and other sites. On YouTube, you need to watch some videos, very short, no more than 30 seconds. And in other sites also must simply access them. These methods reward you with credits that are converted to cash as follows: 1 euro equals 200 credits. Similarly, you can withdraw money from your account using PayPal or Payza. Another article on this topic is available at the following link.

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