Friday, March 13, 2015

Best ways to make money online with PPD

Make 100$ a day with pay per download as a NOOB

As a college student constantly looking for ways to make money online I recently came across PPD or "Pay Per Download." A Pay-Per-Download network is a network that pays you on file downloads. After uploading a file to a network, a landing page is created for visitors to get your file. Visitors have to fill out an advertiser survey before they can download a file. Usually these advertisers pay anywhere from $1 to upwards of $25 and that money goes directly to you. 

How you can make $100 a day with PPD
In my first month of PPD I was able to earn $1,238.67 (May). Just last June I was able to collect $3, my second month! I learned all I do about PPD from internet, I highly recommend you check it out if you have not already. Tons of methods and tips to help you earn some serious coin. Okay now on to my method to bring in $100 a day as a teen or college student. What you will be doing is PPD with Youtube. You create youtube videos based on popular niches, upload a file to your network and put the files URL into your videos description box. People will watch your video, (hopefully) be intrigued enough to visit your file and fill out a brief survey to ultimately unlock and have the ability to download the file.

Lets Get Started
First off you will need to join a PPD network. Here are a one that I recommend:
You will need to fill out an application in order to join this network. As long as you sound somewhat intelligent and let them know that you plan on "using youtube to monetize your files" then you should be fine. After you create your account you will need to find a niche that you believe will be successful. As a teenager this should be quite simple. Some of the popular ones are gaming codes, movies, health, etc. Just think to yourself what would you be willing to fill out a survey in order to download. Often times people lie and claim that they are offering "free netflix or xbox live accounts," but I have found that a simple free e-book that you can download from another website works just as well. 

Create Your File
Once you have your niche, you will need to create the file that people will be downloading. For example if your niche is weight loss, create a weight loss e-book and save it as a PDF file in Microsoft Word. Then go onto your PPD website and upload your file.

Make A Youtube Channel and Video

After you have uploaded your file you will need to go onto youtube and create an account designated to your niche, i.e. "WeightLossToday". Using a video editing software create a short video about the file (make the video legitimate and actually put some time into it) and then upload it to your new channel. Put your PPD link into the videos description so viewers will have an opportunity to click on and download the file. 

Boost Your Video
Your next and final task is to boost your video so it ranks well on youtube as well as google. Although many of these views are often fake they will still allow your video to rank well which in turn allows for "more natural views." Some programs you can use for this are:

There you have it! Work on ranking your video and create more videos and in no time you should be pulling in $100 a day. I know some people making over $500 A DAY with this method which equates to over $182,000 A YEAR. Now you may not make that much, but even $50 a day really adds up and after your videos are ranked this is all automatic income, meaning you can sit back and watch your bank account grow. Of course, you can obviously change this method up, this is a very basic method just to get you started. For example, the higher earners often use landing pages and custom URL's instead of directly pasting their PPD link in the youtube description. This often creates the idea that the download is more legitimate and can allow for higher earnings. As a teen or college student trying to make money online, I'm sure you will find this post extremely beneficial to you, best of luck!
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Make Insane Money with ShareCash

Are you clueless on how to start earning with PPD sites? Or you are tired of earning little or nothing through PPD websites? Here we have the ppd sites tips to help you get started, so if you are searching for how to make money through PPD Sites, you are in the right place.
I have been asked by lots of visitors on how they could make money online using ppd program. If you are also interested in earning through this system, the tips below may be of good use to you. What I did here was to select the popular and high paying methods, if you have other methods that work well for you, add that to this.

What is PPD Site?

PPD is an abbreviation for Pay Per Download. Like the name suggests, it is a program that pays members to upload files on to their websites and invite visitors to download such files. That is, when you have a file such as ebook, mp3, Video, software, links to interesting contents etc and you do not want to give it out for free and also do not want people to pay for it, all you have to do is register free on any ppd site and get your file upload unto their website. The file will be locked with a new link such that whenever people click on the link to download the file, they will be forced to complete a small survey before they can be able to download it. Once this survey is completed, you will be paid, ranging from $0.8 and above, depending on the countries the downloaders are coming from. US pays at least $1 per download.
The trick is here is that, you may not make much money on one download, but if you have like 1000 people download your file, that is an average of $1000.

PPD Sites Tips

Below are some of the popular ppd sites tips you can implement to increase your earnings.

PPD Tips: Best files To Monetise

-Indies or artist musicians that want their content monetise
- Websites that convert: such as document file to pdf.
-Interesting books such as ebook.
-Instrument videos, for example guitar lesson
-Mobile applica-Mobile application downloads.
-Royal free sound packs.
-lock access to premium membership website content.
- Any music, graphing, movies and ebook can all be used for pay per download earnings.

Few places you can promote your links.

As you may know, thousands of people use torrent every day. Thus creating a lot of opportunities for you to utilize. In example, you could create something like a zip file with a password zip inside. And then leave a readme.text saying to retrieve the password they will have to download it at the downloading link you provided for them. You would be amazes at the number of people that will rush to download the text file.

Post to forums and message boards.

There are thousands upon thousands of people on online looking at message board and forums. Majority of the forums have a section for downloads which are dedicated only to proving files to others. You can upload the file you feel will be very popular and desperately need by people and then post it in majority active file sharing board and let the download begin!

Use YouTube

Uploading interesting video to YouTube can bring you thousands of traffic to your files per day, resulting in earning you thousands of dollars. Just simply creating a video on programs such as songs, band, movie etc and then give the users a download link of your ppd site to that file in the video description. This proven method can bring you thousands of dollars.

Use peer to peer sharing

A lot of people use peer to peer sharing networks such as limewire or emule to share their file. You may use it as a spin off the bittorent technique website but instead of seeding your file, all you have to do is to share it on this network and let the downloading to roll!
You can also use the same idea of uploading network with pay per download links. The more traffic that you bring to your files, the more possibility to download your file, the more money you will make!

Use Your Blog or Website

Why not, if you have your own blog or website you will surely have an advantage. You can create your file or content which can be hosted on your blog or website. Also, you may take advantage of any traffic you already have to your blog or website. I will suggest you use the pay per download widget which works on any kind or website and let your site visitor unlock your link without leaving your page. You can also place their code on your site so that visitor will be forced to fill a survey before they can proceed to your site.

Using GPT Sites

I have seen people using GPT Sites to promote their files. It is one of the best ways to earn big with ppd network, but some ppd sites may frown at this method. They register as adverisers on GPT Sites and then offer little incentives to make people download their files. There are lots of money through this method, you have to be extremely careful.
Please make sure to read their terms of service before you proceed to implement this method to avoid getting banned.
We know there are more other ways you can use to make money online via ppd. What we just listed here are some of the popular ways so if you have any trick that works well for you, do not hesitate to share them with us here using the comment box below. Until then, we wish you all the best.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Earning money with CPA/PPD Network

This month has been a really good month for me with ShareCash and for the past few days I’ve been earning over $100 per day thanks to putting the methods I’m about to tell you into practice. If you put a good amount and effort into following these methods then you are pretty much guaranteed to make money with PPD/CPA.  

Step 1: Finding your niche 

This is the hardest part of making money with CPA and PPD as I’m sure a lot of you will know. It required time and patience which is something a lot of people don’t have.
I’ve found a way to find really good niches using YouTube and I will explain below. 

Go to the following site: 

Once at the above site you will find a box where you can enter keywords or phrases, we will use this tool to find our perfect niche.  
We’re going to use what I like to call ‘trigger phrases’ to find our niche, for example in the box you could enter ‘Download free’. Entering that trigger phrase will reveal popular niches on YouTube and ones we can take advantage of.

There are a whole load of niches there that we can take advantage of, however there is no point in us going for ones that have more than 50,000 monthly searches because those niches are most likely going to be heavily saturated. A good example in this instance is ‘Terraria free download’ as it only gets 7,400 searches every month. We must now create a video and a website which is going to capture nearly all of those searches! 

Step two: website 

The next step is to create a website; I’d recommend investing another $10 and buying a .com or .net domain for your niches. You don’t have to buy a domain for each niche you create, just buy a general one for example I’m sure that’s taken but it’s just an example.  

If you really don’t want to buy a domain or can’t afford it just sign up to and create a new blog for your niche. For example if you chose Terraria for our niche your blogspot URL could be  
Be sure to customize the template to make it related to your niche since that will improve your conversions. Create some images, even if you create them in paint, which can be used for your Header and Background because it makes your website seem more legitimate.  

Once you’ve customized your website you need to make your post which will advertise your niche. You don’t need to write too much information all you need to do is explain what your crack/hack will do and how it works. Make sure you add instructions on how to use it or install it since that will make the user feel like they know what to do once they’ve downloaded your file.  

Be sure to add a cool looking download button that links to your PureBITS download and a virus total scan of your file to make the users feel more at ease when downloading, this will improve conversions.  
Once you’ve done all of this and are happy with your video it’s time to promote! 

Step three: promotion 

It’s easier than you may think to get traffic to your websites! All I do is create a nice looking video that shows off the hack or crack (or if you don’t actually have one, just show the website and explain how the hack works). Use Camtasia Studio to record your videos since it’s the best software out there! Try to use your voice in the videos to explain things rather than opening a .txt file since users are more likely to download it that way.
Upload your video to YouTube and make sure you use good tags; a good way of getting good tags is to search your niche on YouTube, open the first ranked video and use similar tags to that! That should really help you get a few views to your video. 
You can also promote using pastebin and other video sites such as DailyMotion, but really I only use YouTube.  

Step four: Enhancing YouTube Views 

To help get your videos ranked on the first page of YouTube you will need to get some fake views and likes to your videos! This can be easily done just visit one of the following sites, earn credits and then redeem them for views and likes: 
If you just want to get views without the hassle of earning credits then you can purchase views at a good price on: 
I personally recommend since it’s an amazing site and delivers views extremely quickly, but you may want to stick to the free ones if you’re on a budget.

Further information and tips: 

 From time to time your videos are going to get removed or your account banned, especially on newer accounts. It’s a part of the process, just suck it up and create a new account and new videos! 
 Getting bad comments and ratings on your videos? Disable them or overwhelm them with fake likes and comments from enhance views. 
 Don’t give up! It took me over a month to begin earning $100 per day but I didn’t give up at all, most of my free time was invested into uploading videos and creating site.

Now after all that hard work I can sit back and enjoy playing video games knowing I’m earning good money! 

Good luck making money! And REGISTER HERE as a first process to start earning money.
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PPD CPA Niche Method

Alright, so with this method, I will teach you how to extract/gain/find a niche that has been running and make profit out of it!  It is a very simple method, made out of what we do daily (or most of us do daily).

and let me explain to you, how people react to niche set ups and how they boost them. This is what Rich people do when they are earning 100-400$ a day! They think of a niche, set it up They boost the views, likes, comments on the videos on Youtube. They BUY view, likes etc. They Buy Domain and hosting for the niche This is what normal people who are not earning much but have good niches do: Think of a good niche, set it up.  Try to boost the video without investing.  End up getting anywhere from 20-40$ a day! (not saying its nothing, but they leave their niches public and ready to be taken over)  Don’t always buy a domain/hosting.

There are some other things they do like SEO and all, but that’s not my point, what I want to say is that, they are earning from their niches, which spread out and become saturated.

So, how to find a unsaturated or working niche without thinking about it too much?  
Well, the answer lies in the BOOSTING VIDEOS.  If you have used any, literally any social media exchange or bots, which exchange views, likes etc. How many times have you ended up on something like “Free Psn codes”, “Email extractor tool”. “Simcash generators” etc. ?
Well, I personally have, not once, not twice, but every time I use any kind of an exchange, I get a bump into those kind of videos.

Now, what do I do? And how do I find out a good niche? Okay, so, you go register to any social exchange sites or use vagex/hitleap whatever you prefer, there are 100’s of sites too, register on the good ones like, addmefast, enhanceviews etc. And start exchanging, Youtube views, not telling you to earn points or shit, but just check the videos, for example, I did it, and I found this (just taking a very fresh example): This is an example, I took while writing the eBook, just to give you a hint, there are hundreds of better niches I have found and working on 2 atm, will work on others when I need to.

Also, look into the description of the video, to see how good the person doing PPD/CPA from it is, many noobs/inexp. people have good niches and don’t buy domains and hosting, which makes them loose their leads. You can capitalize on that by making it look more legit, either by doing a better video or by a good .com .net domain (up to you).

So basically what you are doing is finding niches manually and testing their competition and global monthly searches and making a improved version of the niche. This is not illegal, or blackhat, its just killing the competition in marketing, and that’s what earns you money.

1. DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED if you spend 10mins without finding a niche.
2. Try it for 10- 20mins, you will get 2-3 niches easily. I guarantee it.
3. Collect some 4-5 niches by this method, and then see which one you can work out with and you are comfortable working with, and boost the niche in your own ways and earn money!
4. Remember, to work for longer to find good/unsaturated niches.

A real life friend of mine, used to earn anywhere from 50$ - 150$ each day by getting good niche and setting it up, buying views and boosting the video, doing SEO and shit, and I used to wonder how the hell does he do that?? I mean, let alone all the boosting and SEO, I could never find a niche, but with this method, I have collected 5 niches already (working on 2), with low competition on YT and Google, and will work on them as soon as I can.

So, get started by singing up here: BEST PAY PER DOWNLOAD NETWORK
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sites that we made the most money in 2014-2015

The year just ended brought me some money from internet activity, money that allowed me to change my car tires (all four), and do some repairs that were waiting for a while and let me exchange and phone. There's a lot (I could not live only in money, remains the basic salary), but it helps me to do something sometime!

We will present further sites that gave me the most money in 2015, in descending order (ie most profitable you will find at the bottom, at positions 3, 2 and 1):

1. Purebits has been online and paying since 2003. Is a new pay per download site that pays legitimately continue with ease. Equipment start making their users to proceed smoothly. You will be given tools to help you gain required downloads. They are also a legitimate PPD with 24/7 support member. $ 20 is the lowest minimum withdrawal and Transfer Paypal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Bank are withdrawal methods.

2. Social Link Mart
I have not yet shown on the blog, but it will come soon turn. In short, social link works on the same principle mart's like money, only has Dniester stricter rules, but some rewards as (for some facebook accounts that have a high rating, which can reach up to $ 100 / like). Worth a try! It paid only once, at the end, receiving paypal account everything you gathered during that month. Use your Facebook account best (real name, picture, likes what you post, comments, etc.).

3. Dungeons&Treasures
About Dungeons & Treasures we talked. It is a browser game (ie no need to install anything on your computer), in which you can win Gold (Coins), which at the end of each month automatically turns DT $ (currency of the game). $ DT These can be used either to other casino type games (wheel of fortune, scratch ticket) or to make good the euro to immediately withdraw his paypal account. Payment is due the next day you make your transfer request!

4. Gimmehits
Gimmehits is one of many sites based platform PES Pro (Powerful Exchange System). About Gimmehits can say with certainty that, besides the fact that pays enough microjoburi that has to do as much money.

5. Virtconomics
Virtconomics is the second browser-based game that brought me money in 2013. With only 20-25 minutes a day given to this game, you can make 5 to 10 euros per month, and if they invest some money and at first, you can increase proportional these gains.

6. Dollarsincome
I consider as one of the best sites PTC (Paid To Click). Since I made my account I gathered over $ 200. It is only 3 position because of the way to withdraw money: You can withdraw only once a certain number of days (depending on your rank: Newbie - once every 60 days, Amateur - once every 20 days, Manager - once 10 days Expert - once every seven days, and Master Moderator - once every 3 days) a maximum amount (same, different depending on rank, find explanations to the FAQ).

7. Socialbirth
I think that is a testament to the ability socialbirth Romans do business on the net. In a relatively short period, socialbirth, which uses the same system PES Pro (Gimmehits as described above), managed to gather nearly 40,000 users (compared to gimmehits which has only 1,500 users). That speaks for itself about the fact that administrators are serious people. And Paying on time

8. Fanslave
First place is occupied by Fanslave: a site of social exchange, administered by the Germans and who pay in euro. I chose the place because we managed, lately, to make one withdrawal each month. The ways of winning are varied and offer daily to collect some coins, which then turn them into real money.
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Facebook - a fun way to make money

If you still spend much time on this social network, viewing pictures and giving likes, what would you say if you could make money from it? It comes as a novelty, but yes, it's possible. Instead likes you free, you could do it in exchange for gains. Are you sure you would like to try and take advantage of such an opportunity!

How does it work?

There are two sites that ask you to provide this possibility, namely FanSlave and FanDealer. You only need a Facebook account, real and active, meaning at least five friends to have a profile picture and status updates something. After creating your account and password to access the site, go to the main menu and then select "Your account - Facebook overview '. Click 'Connect' to enable your Facebook account to connect with the application you're going to check sites like, in order to give you money. A new window will open to allow access and you have to click 'Allow'. Some pages will show you, and they are who have to give them the 'Like'. In each right will be displayed and the amount you'll get to like the question. Check each page and give 'Like' and everyone. To check if your money is transferred into your account, go back to your web page or FanDealer FanSlave and click 'Update'. More broadly explained I saw an article on this site about money.

How do I get the money?

Perhaps the most important aspect of this 'business' is how you'll get your money. It's very easy. You need a PayPal account or Payza to be able to withdraw your funds. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 15 euros and 30 euros FanSlave if FanDealer.


To generate higher profits, try to check every day offers appear to take advantage of them. Be present online for substantial gains.

Do not try to cheat or call at different tricks to ensure your higher income. If after you withdraw funds in question and then give 'Unlike' ads, you will probably be discovered and punished. So play fair! Also, you are not permitted to have multiple accounts.


In the same way explained in detail above, you can make money through Twitter. The same steps apply for this social network, being necessary to give 'Follow' to certain pages.

Another way to earn extra is're using YouTube, and other sites. On YouTube, you need to watch some videos, very short, no more than 30 seconds. And in other sites also must simply access them. These methods reward you with credits that are converted to cash as follows: 1 euro equals 200 credits. Similarly, you can withdraw money from your account using PayPal or Payza. Another article on this topic is available at the following link.

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Simple tasks at a good price ... to make money with ShareCash

If you are already a member nest and have made money with them, then surely you will make money and Simplejobs is the latest invention of Romanian entrepreneurs who, as the name suggests, offers simple job for a good price .... I think. Especially those with blogs 4 months old will enjoy that can receive up to $ 5 for an advertorial. Pretty good, huh?

The minimum withdrawal is $ 60, payment can only be made through PayPal. But pay per task (or simple job) is, on average, $ 0.10, which is quite good! And there are simple tasks, such as:
"Get on and do a search baby buggy ..... and enter the result ... Title: Baby Strollers (remember the position of the site on which you clicked)
In the page that opens click on any social 2 buttons (I love it, Share, Google +1, Tweet, Share G +) "And that's it, send proof that you have performed the task (" 1. What position did you find www ro ..... you've clicked? 2. What social buttons clicked and what social networks you are registered user? ") and within 24-48 hours after solving, during weekdays, you get $ 0.10 for your effort.

If you writing a blog advertorial more get $ 5. Plus $ 5 sign-up bonus. So do not waste your time, register now and make money for the holidays! Increased MONEY!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Methods how to make money from PPD

Method 1: Method Youtube

The method is meant to create a youtube video presentational (tutorial) by which
explain how goes a hack (usually fake).
Now to introduce one of the best sites PPD namely: ChareCash CPA/PPD NETWORK REGISTER where you can lock your content, links, videos, make ads/banner and installer too.

Usually YT method is necessary to combine with one of the following methods: Blog / RS
A YT video name should be added according to the content and blog name ... must be
consistent with the content VideoLive ... eg. in case the video has HACK FB, blog
"facebook-universe" and account name is "hackuniversefacebook" .. One of the most
important rules is the following ... Fake hack you must present the video
REALISTIC look somewhat different you will not have too many downloads ...

Comments can close them, not to have opinions worse or you can leave them
open. Do not forget to put words as keywords that relate to video content.
In this case the keyword should be facebook / hack / free / credits / universe.
PS: do not put too many keywords ... would reach 2-3. Now that you've managed to make a video blog you need "likes & views" (but not millions, 1-2 thousands).
For it i used vagex / u2bviews shop or you can use the promote to buy
view / like at very low prices. 
About this method yt was briefly presented ... now remains to put your imagination to the contribution and can earn up to $ 400 per month only a minimum of time consumption.

WARNING: Always put the password to mediafire link File etc
Use link shotner for mediafire link or any other site because you will get hundreds of flags

Method 2: Method RS (SOCIAL NETWORK)

Method RS (SOCIAL NETWORKS) is a newly emerging and newer method focuses on
presentation of a product using social networks (digg / pinterest / fb / twitter / myspace and many others). 
As an example to introduce facebook. There are 2 ways of presenting the product with facebook.

1. subscribe to your account (account with name of course).
2. By the fb page like it is presented product

At first glance it does not seem so complicated. So it is with little work. Remember without work anything fails.

Now I will explain in more details what needs to be done. Most rs method combines well with yt method. This will make more downloads. The first step is to make a fb account (if you already have one again make another account) .... Please note you must not
give actual data .. The name put a name to relate the contents genre Eg. Dota2BetaKey.
The others fill them as you wish ... Now the next step would be to create top of page itself .. put its name in accordance with its content (a product) ... eg Dota2BetaKey ... After successfully created the page put some pictures dota2 page with a picture of hack ... and the next and final step would be to promote ...

I will try to bump or buy from the developers page shop (clubptc) ...And do not forget about the other way for this method, namely subscribe. This just as it can be done like you either buy from the developer shop ... View / like / subscribe and the rest you can easily get from the exchange sites but instead must work hard to so make some loans.

Method 3: Method Blog

Remember: Register Here in order to be able to monetize your methods

This method, namely the method forums like rs method can be combined with the method
yt thus increasing dll (seeing as everyone has blog / fanpage with 1000 likes will download
content) ... For this method to work you need a blog and some knowledge in blogging ... do an article about the program and try to do at least once in 2-3 weeks to present an article which update (preferably in English) ...

The blog you can attach to a YT video or you can buy / make visits / hits for the blog ... because you need more visits ... and google usually helps this methodsending people to your blog when they write to one of keywords Article Search (Blog will appear at the end if you have very little PR and statistics as one of the first if you have high PR and high statistics). This is the simplest method for PPD (Pay per download).

Method 4: Programming Method

One of the hardest and best practices ... This method is closely related to YT method (programming method will never be used on its own) ... To own this method is necessary to know a programming language (the more you know it's much better and you can get more downloads) ... 
I recommend the best language programming for this method, namely C / C ++ (soon will post a book you can learn this language). For those who do not know this one programming language to introduce you need to write in order to be more credible hack ... you take an example:

it will be to hide hack wallhack (this will be his description):
you only need to create one copiler program ... I will recommend Borland Turbo C ++ Lite (best) ...

Now write this:

// Program (program name) Hidden wallhack
// Created by: (name) terror
// Creation Date: (date when you made Hack) 25.02.2015
// Purpose: (aim hack) Hide wallhack of ss / demo
#include <stdio.h>
void main (void)
printf ("The first line in the program description [ie what will appear on the screen
beginning Hack] ")

If you need more lines you can use several commands printf each having the same
structure as the first (besides content) .. This displays a black console where you write
what you have written in printf (upper one comment and it is necessary to defend who had made name ..... that look somewhat professional) ...
If you want to hacks (fake) advanced C ++ soon will post a book dedicated to this programming language where you will read after you learn everything from creating
as above hacks hacks to create performances that chear works ...

Tips & Trick

Now I will tell you a secret about how you can make more money by use of 4 ...
First you need to download a fake hack file:
After doing a hack archives created in C ++ and add a readme where write ... 
Hidden hack file only work with this great NETWORK where you should register.
Password for archive where hack file is: (password you put the archive)

The link you put in is the same one you locked with ShareCASH .... I will explain later what
necessary .. you archive ​​and set the password (the password be the same as you placed it in the readme the first archive and upload it on the net or any other PPD know ...
Now came the turn that link into money.. well that this hack link is the link that to your download and upload (Attention not put the same name ... put a name like that you have wall to archives rearchivate downloaded ;))). Now place the password to hack created by C ++ ... password not put it anywhere in the archive .. In one place a .txt file password and you climb on site PPD (in this case SHARECASH) and upload to mediafire the hack file .. 
Now after you and a video presentation made good and you got everything right and you follow the instructions from method 1 can move to the last pass, namely the use of methods 2 or 3 ... I happy advise to use them both because so attract more people to download ...

PS: I used the method 4 most popular niche namely cs ... but imagination has no limits ..
you can make a hidden hack, hack dota2 ... or ... The amount you earn with PPD will be directly proportional with niche you choose (try niches very popular genre cs / dota2 / diablo3 and the like)

Tip 2: How to protect your video Youtube from deletion:

Step 1: Download Win-RAR (in case you have skipped step 1)
Step 2: Right click on the file you want to upload and arhive after that add a password to it.
Step 3: Create a text in notepad where you write:
To unlock the "File Name" You Need password.
To get your password You Need to Download it from here:
(File Link)
Step 4: Notepad called it in Readme.txt
Step 5: Archive with password and readme file intro archive that do not put any password to the readme file ...
Step 6: Put In one notepad file password you have placed it in the archives.
Step 7: Upload archive with mediafire and readme password file on any other PPD

Extra Tip: Do not put the download link in description until you do not achieve 1000 likes
1000 view at least, and you are on page 1 of the search for your entered keywords at 

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How to make 300$-600$ per 1000 US Downloads

ShareCash is a next-generation upload site, where you get paid CASH for every download you get! Simply register, upload files, and let the cash start rolling in! What makes us different

Unlike other upload websites that give you pathetically low prices, such as $10 for 1000 US downloads, well give you 30-60 cents PER DOWNLOAD! Thats $600 for 1000 US downloads - sixty times more than any other pay per download website!

Here are some assorted features:

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So if you make: 

10 Downloads 10x0.30 or 60= 3$ or 6$
100 Downloads 100x0.30 or 60= 30$ or 60$
1000 Downloads 1000x0.30 or 60= 300$ or 600$ Thats it

How to start: 

Step 1 -> Register Here for free. Fill the simple form.
Step 2-> Upload files
Step 3-> Share and earn money.

Where to get files and where to share:
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Method #1 Sharing adult material with adult offers.

1. Go to Adult Website
2. Select a big movie or pictures collection.
3. Download it.
4. Compress it using WinRar
5. Start sharing to adult forums.
6. Adult  forums:
- just google it  and you will find a lots of adult forums.

Method #2 Uploading warez.

I. Go to Piratebay and Mininova.
II. Download most recent torrents and upload them to PureBITS.
III. Start sharing in warez forums and warez sites: just google it and you will fing a lot of warez sites and forums.

Method #3 Seed files on bittorent:

Hundreds of thousands of people use bittorrent daily, creating endless opportunities for you!
For example, you can create a zip file with a passworded zip inside.
Leave a readme.txt saying to retrieve the password you have to download it at your download link from PureBITS!
You'd be surprised at how many people will start downloading your text file!

Method #4 Use Youtube

Youtube is the new frontier for internet marketing. By simply creating a
video about a program, a song, a band, etc, and giving the user a download link in the video description will score you thousands of downloads, and dollars!

Method #5 Peer-to-peer file sharing

Many people use peer-to-peer file sharing networks, like limewire or emule, to share files. You can use this as a spinoff of the bittorent technique (Method #3), but instead of seeding your file just share it on these networks and let the downloads start rolling in!

eNjoy your money

P.S If you earn 5000$ per month you can buy a dedicated server with 100 Mb connection or 1000 Mb and can make more money.  Duble, triple or more ;)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greyhat CPA PPD method to make money

Hello, here is a method you can use to earn some money. This is quite well known by many people but here you go for those who do not know about it.

Earn Using Android Market | GOOGLE Play

Basic Info About Method:

In this method, we will be promoting Downloads of PAID Android Apps. Before you say "Wat? This is BlackHat!" let me make it clear that even though it sounds to be BlackHat we will convert it to Whitehat which I will explain later. There is no promotion of hack/paid version for free in this method; Only Downloads of PAID Apps! You can do SEO or use Youtube/Facebook/Twitter To Drive Traffic and you may promote Niche By Niche or may set up something like a Multi-Niche site if you want. Whatever you do its your wish!

How It Works:

This is the part where we convert BlackHat into WhiteHat. So basically you will provide your visitors with the Paid App. You wont be spending money; Dont be afraid! Here is the method to get the Paid App For Free

1) Navigate To
You Will Find List Of New Paid Apps. Pick One Where You Can Promote.

2) For This Tutorial, Lets Choose GTA San Andreas Android. Now Go To GOOGLE And Search "GTA San Andreas Android APK" Here Is Search Result

3) Download the APK File. The File Extention is .apk! Most Paid Apps Have APK's Free Online But For Very Uncommon Apps, There Wont Be APK's!

The Method:

Once you have downloaded the .apk file you have 2 options; Use RAR password method | Directly upload to PPD/CPA network file locker ( you can REGISTER HERE ). Alternatively you may use a link locker as well and lock the website where you downloaded the APK. But it is not recommended since to make it 100% whitehat you must include an instructions text file. Otherwise, people may unknowingly think you fooled them since many people dont know APK!

Now create a text file called Instructions and include the instructions which i provide here. This is the same for all APK files and for all android devices. So you can use the same instructions again and again.

- Connect Android Device Via USB
- Copy The File Titled "Your APK File Name" And Paste It In Your Android Device's SD Card Root Folder.
- Unplug Device
- On Your Device Navigate To SD Card Root Folder
- Open "Your APK File Name" And Click Install
- Wait Until GTA San Andreas Android Is Installed
- After Installing, An Icon Will Appear In Apps Section Which Can Be Used To Launch Game

Now zip up the apk file and the instructions text file using winrar or winzip. Upload it to ppd/cpa network or you may use rar password method as your wish. Also create a simple but good looking blogger landing page which has a download button, linking to file locker/link locker!

How To Create Video?

So you will be thinking how to create a video about you playing the game/using the paid app right? Do not worry because when there is a problem, there is a solution. This trick does not need any android device. All you need is a good screen recorder.

1) Go To and download latest version of BlueStacks App Player For Windows!

2) Install The Software

3) Now Double Click On The APK File You Downloaded Below

4) Install The Paid App Into Bluestacks

5) Use BlueStacks To Play The Game/Run The App

6) Use Screen Recorder To Record Screen And Use Your Voice

Now if you have an android device, BEST! You can follow the instructions I mentioned above to install the app and then use a Video Camera (Improves CR) to record you using the app. Make sure the video shows a bit of you as well (Not Only Screen | To Improve CR) That will be good and then do not forget to watermark the video with your Landing Page Link.

Once you get used to this method and if you are good in SEO, setting up a multi-niche site is the best option. You can use Blogger and since you are actually doing WhiteHat Stuff, Blogger will not remove your blog. Rank your site and make lots of money!

IMPORTANT: Never Mention The Word "APK" In Video/Landing Page. You may mention it in Instructions. If you do visitors may Google it and find sites to get it without having to do Survey. Always say Free Download only.

I have tested this method on this CPA/PPD Network and you can REGISTER HERE.For each members that register under my refferal link i will give them more methods about how to make money with CPA PPD Affiliate Networks.

I do hope you liked my method and i hope you make a lot of money with this WhiteHat method.
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CPA PPD method to make more leads

Alright, so for those of you guys who do the password and similar methods

In order to use this method and test it with a higher success rate i would suggest you to REGISTER HERE as i am using this Affiliate Network and it really works for me.

1) Make sure you upload a .ZIP file NOT .rar. Not every common internet user has winrar to unrar a file, but windows has a built in tool to unzip a .zip file so do that.
2) In the zip file, you want to make sure you DON'T put password.txt. Instead make it something like "Read this first" or "Start here" to make it more casual.
3) In that file I mention above, you want to approach the person like they are very skeptic and make them believe that if they really go to that Affiliate Network link they will be able to get the password. Make up some stuff like "It takes a lot of work to make this tool" or "Completing this simple offer will prevent bots or malicious users from abusing the tool" or "To ensure the tool keeps updated, please complete this very simple offer". You get the point though.
4) Title your zip file something unique. Do you want it to sound like this, Niche or Niche Name 2014 v6.68? Which do you think gets more downloads? :)

Now, lets say we are getting our traffic directly from Youtube...

We all want a high percentage of the people viewing our video to ultimately complete an offer.

These are the obstacles the visitor to the Youtube vid will go through

They must:

1) Click on the download link in the description
2) Download the file
3) Open it and go to the password file
4) Open up the link
5) Click an offer and complete it

Here is how to increase the visitor/offer completitions rate:

1) Attractive video title, good video, convincing description with 2 download links (in case one gets taken down)
2) Attractive zip file name (we already went over this)
3) Convincing the user to open the password file and click through (went over this)
4) As above
5) Optimize your offers accordingly. Analyze your downloads in Stats, use that to Optimize offers. Also set restrictions for certain countries like France, US, Netherlands, etc... (All can be found on the forum)

I know this is was for the password method, but this can also apply to those who have a website (and other sources of traffic).

Hope the guide was useful, any questions just post below.
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