Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CPA PPD method to make more leads

Alright, so for those of you guys who do the password and similar methods

In order to use this method and test it with a higher success rate i would suggest you to REGISTER HERE as i am using this Affiliate Network and it really works for me.

1) Make sure you upload a .ZIP file NOT .rar. Not every common internet user has winrar to unrar a file, but windows has a built in tool to unzip a .zip file so do that.
2) In the zip file, you want to make sure you DON'T put password.txt. Instead make it something like "Read this first" or "Start here" to make it more casual.
3) In that file I mention above, you want to approach the person like they are very skeptic and make them believe that if they really go to that Affiliate Network link they will be able to get the password. Make up some stuff like "It takes a lot of work to make this tool" or "Completing this simple offer will prevent bots or malicious users from abusing the tool" or "To ensure the tool keeps updated, please complete this very simple offer". You get the point though.
4) Title your zip file something unique. Do you want it to sound like this, Niche Name.zip or Niche Name 2014 v6.68? Which do you think gets more downloads? :)

Now, lets say we are getting our traffic directly from Youtube...

We all want a high percentage of the people viewing our video to ultimately complete an offer.

These are the obstacles the visitor to the Youtube vid will go through

They must:

1) Click on the download link in the description
2) Download the file
3) Open it and go to the password file
4) Open up the link
5) Click an offer and complete it

Here is how to increase the visitor/offer completitions rate:

1) Attractive video title, good video, convincing description with 2 download links (in case one gets taken down)
2) Attractive zip file name (we already went over this)
3) Convincing the user to open the password file and click through (went over this)
4) As above
5) Optimize your offers accordingly. Analyze your downloads in Stats, use that to Optimize offers. Also set restrictions for certain countries like France, US, Netherlands, etc... (All can be found on the forum)

I know this is was for the password method, but this can also apply to those who have a website (and other sources of traffic).

Hope the guide was useful, any questions just post below.


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