Friday, February 27, 2015

Methods how to make money from PPD

Method 1: Method Youtube

The method is meant to create a youtube video presentational (tutorial) by which
explain how goes a hack (usually fake).
Now to introduce one of the best sites PPD namely: ChareCash CPA/PPD NETWORK REGISTER where you can lock your content, links, videos, make ads/banner and installer too.

Usually YT method is necessary to combine with one of the following methods: Blog / RS
A YT video name should be added according to the content and blog name ... must be
consistent with the content VideoLive ... eg. in case the video has HACK FB, blog
"facebook-universe" and account name is "hackuniversefacebook" .. One of the most
important rules is the following ... Fake hack you must present the video
REALISTIC look somewhat different you will not have too many downloads ...

Comments can close them, not to have opinions worse or you can leave them
open. Do not forget to put words as keywords that relate to video content.
In this case the keyword should be facebook / hack / free / credits / universe.
PS: do not put too many keywords ... would reach 2-3. Now that you've managed to make a video blog you need "likes & views" (but not millions, 1-2 thousands).
For it i used vagex / u2bviews shop or you can use the promote to buy
view / like at very low prices. 
About this method yt was briefly presented ... now remains to put your imagination to the contribution and can earn up to $ 400 per month only a minimum of time consumption.

WARNING: Always put the password to mediafire link File etc
Use link shotner for mediafire link or any other site because you will get hundreds of flags

Method 2: Method RS (SOCIAL NETWORK)

Method RS (SOCIAL NETWORKS) is a newly emerging and newer method focuses on
presentation of a product using social networks (digg / pinterest / fb / twitter / myspace and many others). 
As an example to introduce facebook. There are 2 ways of presenting the product with facebook.

1. subscribe to your account (account with name of course).
2. By the fb page like it is presented product

At first glance it does not seem so complicated. So it is with little work. Remember without work anything fails.

Now I will explain in more details what needs to be done. Most rs method combines well with yt method. This will make more downloads. The first step is to make a fb account (if you already have one again make another account) .... Please note you must not
give actual data .. The name put a name to relate the contents genre Eg. Dota2BetaKey.
The others fill them as you wish ... Now the next step would be to create top of page itself .. put its name in accordance with its content (a product) ... eg Dota2BetaKey ... After successfully created the page put some pictures dota2 page with a picture of hack ... and the next and final step would be to promote ...

I will try to bump or buy from the developers page shop (clubptc) ...And do not forget about the other way for this method, namely subscribe. This just as it can be done like you either buy from the developer shop ... View / like / subscribe and the rest you can easily get from the exchange sites but instead must work hard to so make some loans.

Method 3: Method Blog

Remember: Register Here in order to be able to monetize your methods

This method, namely the method forums like rs method can be combined with the method
yt thus increasing dll (seeing as everyone has blog / fanpage with 1000 likes will download
content) ... For this method to work you need a blog and some knowledge in blogging ... do an article about the program and try to do at least once in 2-3 weeks to present an article which update (preferably in English) ...

The blog you can attach to a YT video or you can buy / make visits / hits for the blog ... because you need more visits ... and google usually helps this methodsending people to your blog when they write to one of keywords Article Search (Blog will appear at the end if you have very little PR and statistics as one of the first if you have high PR and high statistics). This is the simplest method for PPD (Pay per download).

Method 4: Programming Method

One of the hardest and best practices ... This method is closely related to YT method (programming method will never be used on its own) ... To own this method is necessary to know a programming language (the more you know it's much better and you can get more downloads) ... 
I recommend the best language programming for this method, namely C / C ++ (soon will post a book you can learn this language). For those who do not know this one programming language to introduce you need to write in order to be more credible hack ... you take an example:

it will be to hide hack wallhack (this will be his description):
you only need to create one copiler program ... I will recommend Borland Turbo C ++ Lite (best) ...

Now write this:

// Program (program name) Hidden wallhack
// Created by: (name) terror
// Creation Date: (date when you made Hack) 25.02.2015
// Purpose: (aim hack) Hide wallhack of ss / demo
#include <stdio.h>
void main (void)
printf ("The first line in the program description [ie what will appear on the screen
beginning Hack] ")

If you need more lines you can use several commands printf each having the same
structure as the first (besides content) .. This displays a black console where you write
what you have written in printf (upper one comment and it is necessary to defend who had made name ..... that look somewhat professional) ...
If you want to hacks (fake) advanced C ++ soon will post a book dedicated to this programming language where you will read after you learn everything from creating
as above hacks hacks to create performances that chear works ...

Tips & Trick

Now I will tell you a secret about how you can make more money by use of 4 ...
First you need to download a fake hack file:
After doing a hack archives created in C ++ and add a readme where write ... 
Hidden hack file only work with this great NETWORK where you should register.
Password for archive where hack file is: (password you put the archive)

The link you put in is the same one you locked with ShareCASH .... I will explain later what
necessary .. you archive ​​and set the password (the password be the same as you placed it in the readme the first archive and upload it on the net or any other PPD know ...
Now came the turn that link into money.. well that this hack link is the link that to your download and upload (Attention not put the same name ... put a name like that you have wall to archives rearchivate downloaded ;))). Now place the password to hack created by C ++ ... password not put it anywhere in the archive .. In one place a .txt file password and you climb on site PPD (in this case SHARECASH) and upload to mediafire the hack file .. 
Now after you and a video presentation made good and you got everything right and you follow the instructions from method 1 can move to the last pass, namely the use of methods 2 or 3 ... I happy advise to use them both because so attract more people to download ...

PS: I used the method 4 most popular niche namely cs ... but imagination has no limits ..
you can make a hidden hack, hack dota2 ... or ... The amount you earn with PPD will be directly proportional with niche you choose (try niches very popular genre cs / dota2 / diablo3 and the like)

Tip 2: How to protect your video Youtube from deletion:

Step 1: Download Win-RAR (in case you have skipped step 1)
Step 2: Right click on the file you want to upload and arhive after that add a password to it.
Step 3: Create a text in notepad where you write:
To unlock the "File Name" You Need password.
To get your password You Need to Download it from here:
(File Link)
Step 4: Notepad called it in Readme.txt
Step 5: Archive with password and readme file intro archive that do not put any password to the readme file ...
Step 6: Put In one notepad file password you have placed it in the archives.
Step 7: Upload archive with mediafire and readme password file on any other PPD

Extra Tip: Do not put the download link in description until you do not achieve 1000 likes
1000 view at least, and you are on page 1 of the search for your entered keywords at 


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