Friday, March 13, 2015

Make Insane Money with ShareCash

Are you clueless on how to start earning with PPD sites? Or you are tired of earning little or nothing through PPD websites? Here we have the ppd sites tips to help you get started, so if you are searching for how to make money through PPD Sites, you are in the right place.
I have been asked by lots of visitors on how they could make money online using ppd program. If you are also interested in earning through this system, the tips below may be of good use to you. What I did here was to select the popular and high paying methods, if you have other methods that work well for you, add that to this.

What is PPD Site?

PPD is an abbreviation for Pay Per Download. Like the name suggests, it is a program that pays members to upload files on to their websites and invite visitors to download such files. That is, when you have a file such as ebook, mp3, Video, software, links to interesting contents etc and you do not want to give it out for free and also do not want people to pay for it, all you have to do is register free on any ppd site and get your file upload unto their website. The file will be locked with a new link such that whenever people click on the link to download the file, they will be forced to complete a small survey before they can be able to download it. Once this survey is completed, you will be paid, ranging from $0.8 and above, depending on the countries the downloaders are coming from. US pays at least $1 per download.
The trick is here is that, you may not make much money on one download, but if you have like 1000 people download your file, that is an average of $1000.

PPD Sites Tips

Below are some of the popular ppd sites tips you can implement to increase your earnings.

PPD Tips: Best files To Monetise

-Indies or artist musicians that want their content monetise
- Websites that convert: such as document file to pdf.
-Interesting books such as ebook.
-Instrument videos, for example guitar lesson
-Mobile applica-Mobile application downloads.
-Royal free sound packs.
-lock access to premium membership website content.
- Any music, graphing, movies and ebook can all be used for pay per download earnings.

Few places you can promote your links.

As you may know, thousands of people use torrent every day. Thus creating a lot of opportunities for you to utilize. In example, you could create something like a zip file with a password zip inside. And then leave a readme.text saying to retrieve the password they will have to download it at the downloading link you provided for them. You would be amazes at the number of people that will rush to download the text file.

Post to forums and message boards.

There are thousands upon thousands of people on online looking at message board and forums. Majority of the forums have a section for downloads which are dedicated only to proving files to others. You can upload the file you feel will be very popular and desperately need by people and then post it in majority active file sharing board and let the download begin!

Use YouTube

Uploading interesting video to YouTube can bring you thousands of traffic to your files per day, resulting in earning you thousands of dollars. Just simply creating a video on programs such as songs, band, movie etc and then give the users a download link of your ppd site to that file in the video description. This proven method can bring you thousands of dollars.

Use peer to peer sharing

A lot of people use peer to peer sharing networks such as limewire or emule to share their file. You may use it as a spin off the bittorent technique website but instead of seeding your file, all you have to do is to share it on this network and let the downloading to roll!
You can also use the same idea of uploading network with pay per download links. The more traffic that you bring to your files, the more possibility to download your file, the more money you will make!

Use Your Blog or Website

Why not, if you have your own blog or website you will surely have an advantage. You can create your file or content which can be hosted on your blog or website. Also, you may take advantage of any traffic you already have to your blog or website. I will suggest you use the pay per download widget which works on any kind or website and let your site visitor unlock your link without leaving your page. You can also place their code on your site so that visitor will be forced to fill a survey before they can proceed to your site.

Using GPT Sites

I have seen people using GPT Sites to promote their files. It is one of the best ways to earn big with ppd network, but some ppd sites may frown at this method. They register as adverisers on GPT Sites and then offer little incentives to make people download their files. There are lots of money through this method, you have to be extremely careful.
Please make sure to read their terms of service before you proceed to implement this method to avoid getting banned.
We know there are more other ways you can use to make money online via ppd. What we just listed here are some of the popular ways so if you have any trick that works well for you, do not hesitate to share them with us here using the comment box below. Until then, we wish you all the best.


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